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I made this page for me to remember everything if I lose my memory and get lost on the internet, and then suddenly discover this website in serendipity...

What, this has never happened to you?!

Created communities

Bitcoined — the 1st ever Facebook group about Bitcoin — air taxi community of entrepreneurs, architects, pilots, urban planners

CreativeRussia — the largest Slack chat for Russian-speaking creatives

TFGOW — the longest-lasting 24/7 Clubhouse room & club

Produced meme products

Make My Link Longer — URL-elongator you've always needed — travel to the heart of the coronavirus

Russia404 — website criticizing the "Internet Isolation Law"

AtSubstack — directory of Substack newsletters

Co-founded companies — a private open-source intelligence research bureau — a token launch agency and airdrop automation software

Trackoji — SAAS for emojional feedback — brainstorm in 24 hours

Worked with

AKinformation, AltSpace, Arctic Roe, Bartini, Baselance, Crypto BrainTrust Syndicate, Digital Habits, Dork Dancing, Envisioning, Faenomen, Ergius, Go and Strategy club, Italdesign, Impact Hub Moscow, Karelia Gid, Keré, Layer Powered,,, MING Labs, Mubert, PitchMe, QB Box, Republic of Kazakhstan, Sberbank, SellanApp, Snapchat, Snp.Agency, Tesla Dating, Government of the Republic of Tatarstan, Unarthodox, Virtual Metropolis, Wallarm, Yandex.Taxi Yandex.Practicum, Yandex.Auto, ZELF, and many more...

Volunteered at

Bridge for Billions, British Higher School of Art and Design, Cosmodrome, ICObench, Moscow Design Biennale, Startup Foundation, Wikipedia

Learned things at

Moscow Technological University, Polytechnic Museum, Silicon Valley insiders, Stanford Online, Strelka Institute, Vector Education

Wrote articles

We Build Ecosystem On BitClout, Join Us

Players and their roles in the BitClout world

8 Reasons for Celebrities to Join BitClout

Good news: Kazakhstan can provide Internet access with a passport

Flying cars — Key regions of growth

24 Transport Predictions Will Make You Smile

10 Things Flying Cars Are Killing In 5 Years

11 Reasons To Make Links Longer

Trackoji — mix & match to start

How to become an e-citizen

Gave interviews

What we learned about BitClout - a new social network

@alisher, @nikmcfly, and @dvoroneca at @bitvibes, BitClout live stream

BitClout in Russian: — 1st Russian-speaking node

ClubHouse: what is known about the new social network

Brainstorm outsourcing, crypto industries, and NFT

How to build a directory with Notion + Super

Nik McFly at the intersection of design, technology, and business

Crypto News: McFlyAero

Daily use of flying vehicles: from fiction to reality

In 2020, there will be flying cars: who and why creates air taxi in Russia

Will we fly to work and out of town in 2020?

Literary habits: Nikolay Bezhko

Gave talks & taught

Tsunami Impact Workshop

Tsunami x Impact @ G8 Fest

Token Launch Communities Workshop

Futurological Presentation: What could be an ideal conference?

How to involve people from 10 countries in the creation of infrastructure for air taxi

Interviewed people

Interview with Stepan Gershuni

AMA Tilda Publishing x CreativeRussia

CreativeRussia YouTube

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